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Socksmith Sock Monkeys

Love our unique and creative sock designs? Want to see these designs in different places, not always on your feet? Or better yet, you can match your socks to a lovable stuffed animal! Socksmith sock monkeys are of world-class quality and have an even better story, as created by Missy's Monkeys.

The history of sock monkeys originates back to the Victorian era, then truly began to emerge during the Arts and Crafts Era of the late 1800s. Once the sock-knitting machine was patented in 1868, sock manufacturing took a whole new turn and began to grow exponentially. This evolution originated in Rockford, Illinois at the Nelson Knitting Company. With this progression, the seamless sock was created, as it saved both time and labor while growing in popularity among the general public. With the growing popularity, the sock market was flooded with generic brands; while Nelson’s Knitting was still the original manufacturer, with the famous red heel sock (often called “Original Rockfords”).


Socksmith is a lifestyle… of fun, creative, and out of the box ideas; however, it is always with an emphasis on high quality product. After speaking with Missy and learning more about her online store, she has a similar foundation. Socksmith is very excited to showcase Missy’s Monkeys!

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