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Socks That Even Jane Austen Would Love to Read

Socks That Even Jane Austen Would Love to Read

Jane Austen was one of few female writers. She was born in England in 1775 and even though she wrote a lot during her life, her books didn't become popular until after she passed away. Her father owned a large library, and because of this, Austen and her siblings read a lot of books during their childhood. (We have to wonder what she wore on her feet as read she. Hmm?)

When she was just a teenager, Austen started to write books of her own. She filled notebooks with stories that commented on what was happening in England at the time. She also wrote romance stories and parodies that featured unique female characters. Stories like these weren’t being written by other authors of her time.

She became sick at age 41, in 1816, and she died the following year in England. She left behind a legacy of beloved, popular literature. Austen's most famous novels include Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Mansfield Park. We think she missed a golden opportunity to write about fabulous socks, so we’ll write it for her!

Bookworms and Cozy Socks

Are you a bookworm? Reading is fundamental, and Jane Austen's influence on literature is still felt today... 200 years later! We wonder what she would think, seeing her stories influence popular culture. Her stories have especially impacted women and shown that being strong is beautiful. Here at Socksmith, we think this is very important. Our socks are more than just a way to keep your feet warm, they are a form of self expression! Show off your love of fun and wear your socks with Pride (and Prejudice!).

Jane Austen Would Be Proud (and Warm)

Do you love Jane Austen as much as we do? We doubt it... we wish we could have socks with all her quotes on them! Her words are beautiful and elegant. So show off your bookworm pride, while paying tribute to Jane Austen.

Socksmith’s purple Jane Austen socks pay tribute to the author while keeping toes cozy. Girls who love to read and show off their literary style will love them in lavender and teal or teal and hot pink! And because nothing makes an afternoon spent reading, better than curling up and getting cozy, these purple flower socks are a bookworm’s best friend.

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