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Socks Break Down Barriers

Socks Break Down Barriers

Ahhh, the power of the sock!  What other simple item of clothing can break down barriers like a great, fun sock? Here at Socksmith, we receive all types of emails and phone calls telling us stories of how a simple pair of socks changed their lives!

If a sock with sea otters, Chihuahuas, pugs, Labradors, cheetahs, or even pancakes can begin a conversation, then imagine what would happen if, before every serious meeting you had, you gave everyone in the room a pair of socks!

It’s All About the Smile

It’s not just about fun socks though. It’s about smiles and the way you feel when you either give a pair of socks away, or are given a pair of socks. At Socksmith, we understand just how powerful that smile is and design for just that. I gave my dentist a pair of tooth socks and she had the biggest smile in the world as she yelled, “Thank you so much!” It’s a big office and because her thank you was so loud, patients in the other room even asked to see them!

We received an email from a customer who admitted he was very shy. He struggled to make friends and often felt like he didn’t fit in. He discovered Socksmith and bought his first pair of fun socks. After wearing them, he received a few compliments from classmates. He then bought another pair, and again, more compliments. Now, months later and a plethora of NO BORING SOCKS, he has a girlfriend and says his cool socks are the reason his walls were slowly coming down.

The Barrier Will Crumble

That’s the power of the sock! Whatever barriers exist, a fun, imaginative sock can almost certainly break it down. We can’t help but smile when we see them, and no matter how shy or crazy you might be, how quiet or expressive you are, wearing your favorite Socksmith sock will surely help break down those barriers.

So, the next time you find yourself up against a barrier, perhaps looking for a way to break it down a bit, give a pair of No Boring Socks and see what happens. Our guess is that you’ll see that wall crumble right before your eyes, as the smiles get bigger and bigger.

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