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Sock It To Tax Day With Great Socks!

Sock It To Tax Day With Great Socks!

Tax day is upon us. Happening on April 17 this year, many of us just spent the weekend scrambling together our returns, in order to file on time. We’d like to help you get through the madness, as best we can. Allow us to point out, that being in the company of great socks can help in several ways, so strap on your money socks and read on!

If you got your return in on time, Congratulations! We knew you could do it. Time to kick back and unwind. Might we suggest slipping on some quality socks and finishing a creative project that you love? From knitting to surfing, we have great socks for just about every hobby.

If you’re one of the great procrastinators, and are using the last day to file your return as the first day to start your return, don’t worry, you’re not alone! And we have a few inspirational tips for you. Great socks can help boost your drive, when you have a deadline to meet. Even when you feel like you’re playing catch-up with your money management, at least you’ll be on the top of your sock game! Face the time crunch with the occasional glance at your money socks to keep your focus straight and your spirits high.

When you reach the end, and you’ve discovered your monetary reality for this tax season, the benefit of great socks can keep working for you - from celebrating your mini-windfall, to providing a bit of comfort if your results are a little more disappointing than you were expecting. Are you sighing in relief as you’re loosening the money belt a notch? Celebrate with ice cream socks, and a trip to the ice cream parlor for a treat! Trigger your brain’s reward center with that delightfully creamy sugar (and fashion) rush. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite little tax deductions to share the joy. Yup, even your child can even be decked out in ice cream socks for the occasion.

What are you planning to do with your return? Besides expanding your sock collection, naturally. Are you a planner and a saver? Some of us gain peace of mind by building up our money cushions. And others are all about adventure. Whether spending or accumulating, all of us like to use our money efficiently. One method of getting the most for your money, is to buy quality products. Purchasing quality socks can actually save you money in the long run, as they last longer, fit better, and generally are more enjoyable to wear. You could buy that 20-pack of oh-so-boring white socks, and feel elated by the low price, but we’re guessing that joy would dwindle quickly each time you slip on those sad socks.

And even when you are trying to rein in the expenses, the occasional treat is important, and great socks provide a fun, affordable treat. Give yourself the luxuriously soft treat of bamboo socks. Bamboo socks treat your feet each and every time you wear them. Getting softer with every wash, you’re bound to fall deeper and deeper in love with these footwear delights.

Richer or poorer, we wish you a happy, healthy Tax Day! Did you know, that this year National Haiku Day falls on the same day as Tax Day? So in conclusion, we’d like to sign off with a haiku about taxes. Slip into your money socks, and enjoy.

Money you have earned

Pay for taxes or fun socks

Obviously socks!

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