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Showing Support On Veterans Day With Fun American Flag Socks

Showing Support On Veterans Day With Fun American Flag Socks

Happy Veteran’s Day! A big, heartfelt thank you to those who have served! As Americans, we take this opportunity on Veteran’s Day to give thanks for those who have fought to protect our freedoms. We’re grateful for our men and women in uniform, past and present. Sometimes, we like to add American flag socks to our everyday style to celebrate the day!

On this day in 1918, a ceasefire was agreed upon and effectively ended the combat of World War One. In 1938, Armistice Day became a national holiday and in 1954 President Eisenhower changed the name to Veteran’s Day. Nearly 100 years later, we still take today as an opportunity to honor the people who have served our country.

How To Say Thanks On Veteran’s Day With American Flag Socks

There are many ways to observe Veteran’s Day. If a family member or friend has served in the Military, call them today (or better, go visit!) and say thank you. Do some research on local Veteran's organizations, volunteer your time! Is there a parade in your town? Attend! Or better yet, parade the town by walking around with your American flag socks! Take a moment of reflection to think about what this day means. Visit a local monument or memorial that honors veterans.

However you choose to celebrate Veteran's Day, consider wearing your love for America on your sleeve... or rather on your feet with some American Flag socks!

Show Your Support On Veteran’s Day With USA Socks

Wear your patriotism on Veteran’s Day (or any day) with a fun pair of American Flag socks. Whether you hike them up for the whole world to see or tuck them into boots as a fun, personal reminder of the occasion, pull out a pair that yells “USA” and wear your Veteran’s Day socks loudly and proudly. Here at Socksmith, we’re proud to show our gratitude and support to American veterans. We hope you join us in wearing your flag socks today, or any day you want to feel an extra dose of patriotism.

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