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Shake Your Hipsters

Shake Your Hipsters

Are you too cool for school? Is it hip to be square? These phrases will probably take the curl right out of a hipster’s lumberjack beard. But for the rest of us “basics”, they begin to explain hipster culture. Our hipster socks will fill out the picture even more.

Although the majority of us sock fanatics simply like Socksmith socks because they’re fantastic, the hipster will most likely qualify his affection for our fun socks as ironic. The end result is the same - you have dope fashion on your feet.

Maybe they didn’t use words like hipster or subculture back in the 1940s, but that’s when these kinds of folks started making a splash. Hipsters are what some people call modern-day hippies. They’re into indie art and music, and fashion that you wouldn’t see on the catwalk. And one of the best things about them, is that we think hipsters would totally love our kitten socks!

Would a Hipster Wear Kittenster Socks?

Seriously, what goes better with that gingham button-down and suspenders than a pair of Kittenster socks? Why wear all your art on your skin, when you can express yourself with a pair of gloating goat socks under your chukkas? And trust us when we say, your pork pie hat is yearning for the companionship of some bamboo armadillo socks.

Ladies, we didn’t forget about you! We have Kittenster socks for your as well! Or how about a pair of lemur socks to highlight the threadbare nature of your Mumford & Sons shirt? And chicken socks poking out of your oxfords are right on point for your hipster wardrobe.

Hipster Socks Complete the Whole Package

Starting from scratch on the hipster apparel? Some might describe the goal as a mixture of your little brother’s and grandfather’s wardrobes. In conducting our research, we found this Hipstory gem by Amit Shimoni, that we just had to share. Enjoy!

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