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Ped Socks - Short Socks with No Short Sock Complex

Ped Socks - Short Socks with No Short Sock Complex

We’ve all been there before. Occasionally, our shortcomings seem to be magnified. “I’m too short”, “I’m so lazy”, “I can’t deadlift any more than I did last year”... Eventually, these thoughts develop into a complex, and then they’re even harder to get rid of.

Perhaps Napoleon Should’ve Worn Peds

Luckily, the only complex our short socks have is being awesome. How about letting some of their confidence rub off on you? Our ped socks and bamboo liners are the clear choice for summer. These cool socks have all the style of our traditional length novelty socks with some extra breathing room for your legs, so you can feel that warm air and nice summer sunshine. Don’t get us wrong, flip flops are also great. They’re the international summer shoe! But flip flops every day, all day can get a little boring. Surely, you don’t want to ditch fun style completely during the summer months. Try a pair of dolphin peds with mary janes on your next walk down East Cliff Drive. Not only will you turn heads with your cute style, but you’ll give your tootsies a little break from the sun.

Shorties’ Time in the Sun

Ped socks are cool socks. We love all our crew, knee high, and over the knee lengths, all with their own special styles. But some of these hot, summer days are made for ped socks. Whether inside shoes or just padding around on the cool, tile floor, ped socks give you fun fashion flair without unwanted heat. Plus, so many of the ped sock styles are summer-themed, as well. Dolphin socks, turtle socks, and summer cooler socks all say: Beach Time!

Let’s not forget our luxurious bamboo liners. These no show socks are a summer essential. They’re the perfect cut for summer flats. Plus, bamboo fabric is antimicrobial and moisture wicking. This means dry, comfortable feet during all your fun, summer activities.

Push forward with your summer fashion goals! No back-ped-aling into flip-flops. Slip on some ped socks today.

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