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Only Real Men Can Wear Pink!

Only Real Men Can Wear Pink!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Real men wear pink”? Well, we couldn’t agree more! Pink socks, in particular. We also believe that real men can wear kittenster socks, dog socks, donut socks, armadillo socks, slug socks and blue-footed boobies socks.

When you were little, it was made clear that pink was for girls, and blue for boys. There were probably things at home or school that were color-coded. That was the traditional way for everyone to know which toys or tools or places were for the girls and which ones were for the boys. But the truth is, there’s no reason that boys (or men) can’t like pink, or that girls (or women) can’t like blue. We happen to think that both colors are pretty awesome, and everyone should get on board with every color of the rainbow… Even at the same time!

We understand that some men just don’t think wearing pink is the right way to go. To that, we at Socksmith say, “take the plunge”! In fact, we have some pink socks (and red, and turquoise, and purple..) that are just for men, because we know that real men aren’t afraid to wear pink.

Show Your Masculine Side—With Pink Flamingo Socks!

Are you man enough to pull on a pair of pink socks? If you’re not sure, maybe our flamingo socks can convince you. Flamingos wear pink from head to toe (even the boys!), but that doesn’t make the male birds any less manly. We think they’d love to keep those long legs warm with our flamingo socks. And just in case some men aren’t quite sure about the color switch, not to worry. The pink birds live on blue socks, too! It’s the best of both sock worlds.

Socksmith Tested, Brain Approved

If you’re still feeling conflicted about whether or not to wear pink socks, our conflict of interest socks will help you express that. If you’re not ready to slip on a pair of ninja cat socks in turquoise, the conflict of interest socks might just be a great first step. When you’re ready to move toward more vibrant-colored socks, we have red Bigfoot socks waiting for you, or even king size taco socks in purple.

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