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New Kids Socks - Why Should Adults Have All The Fun?

New Kids Socks - Why Should Adults Have All The Fun?

If any of us can justify fresh, new socks on a regular basis, it would be kids. With growth spurts and hearty wear & tear, tykes deserve a nice, steady rotation of new, cute socks! Lucky for them, Socksmith loves creating awesome kid socks. And lucky for you, cute socks are always in style. Our latest release is full of color and pizazz to give kids awesomely fun fashion! From baseball socks to fancy dog and cat socks, Socksmith wants to come along with you and your little ones on all your adventures.

Besides some style choices that are exclusively made for children, we’ve put some of our favorite big people designs on socks for the little ones. As always, we have socks for just about any occasion, so let us be your companions for all your upcoming activities.

Mothers’ Day outings are no exception. One thing that tends to make mom happy is making sure her cubs are taken care of and included. Matching pairs of socks for Mom and her munchkin can help celebrate the day. Taking mom out to breakfast wearing matching pancake socks will get her the loving attention she deserves.

Arguably, one of the most important rules when trying to keep kids on their best behavior (and to keep your own sanity) is: Keep ‘Em Movin’! Little ones have lots of energy to burn, and if they aren’t assigned a project, they’ll most likely find one that might not have been your first choice. Keeping them occupied is challenging. Kid socks can be a wonderful incentive/reward system - both as the carrot and the treat itself! Does your mini-me have a big test coming up? Put some ice cream socks on those little feet to remind them of the sweet treat they’ll earn after a good study session. Got a little fashionista on your hands? We’re guessing a brand new pair of cute socks will be practically purrfect, and be a great treat all on its own.

One of the best activities to put all that kid energy to good use is playing sports! Get them ready to Play Ball! with our baseball socks. Baseball not their sport? Don’t worry, we have football socks and soccer socks, too. Sport socks give their sock game a solid home run.

A timeless activity that’s always a sure thing with babies is pooping. And in classic Socksmith form, we have a sock for that! We even have a match in a men’s style. Fathers’ Day coordinated ensembles? Done. Poop socks on your adorable little pooping machine are bound to help you keep your sense of humor when the diapers are piling up. Possible potty training helper? Cute kid socks to the rescue!

For all their upcoming activities - from pooping to playing, we have a sock for that!

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