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March Madness! Celebrate with our Basketball Socks!

It’s March Madness! Every year when the third month hits, college basketball fans all over the country have a big reason to get excited. March Madness is the nickname for the NCAA basketball playoffs that start during this month every year. This year, the big day when it all begins is March 14. You know what’s better than March Madness? March Madness with awesome basketball socks that will make you the talk of any sports party!

So what does March Madness really entail? It's a big tournament between the top teams in Division I college basketball. It all starts with the top 32, and by the end of a couple weeks, there is one winner—the very best basketball team in the NCAA! (We think if the players were to wear a pair of basketball socks, their odds of winning it all will go through the roof!)

March Madness is fast and furious—that's why they call it madness! It's a single-elimination tournament, which means that as soon as a team loses one game, they're out of the running. College basketball fans mark the occasion every year by making brackets. Brackets represent predictions of what team will win each round and which will take the cake at the end.

A March Madness Viewing Party Isn’t Complete without Basketball Socks

It’s time to build your bracket for this year’s tournament. Don’t forget your basketball socks—wearing these will help you get in the right mindset to think about all things B-ball!

But wait. Do you call basketball, “sportball”? You might be wondering if there’s anything in it for you then, if you’re not much of a college hoops fan. You bet there is! There’s no better reason for a celebration than a competition as big as March Madness. So maybe you skip the basketball socks but show your support for courtside snacks with beer socks or pizza socks! Go wild and make your own bracket to decide which game food your friends and family will like best. Let the basketball socks-wearing hoops fanatics argue with the ref through the TV screen. You’ll be lounging in your pizza socks and not worrying about a thing except the cheesy, pepperoni-y goodness you’re enjoying.

Leave a Space for These Basketball Socks in Your March Madness Bracket!

Anyone who puts these basketball socks in their bracket—or on their feet—is a winner in our book! And when the tournament is over and life just isn’t as thrilling anymore, basketball socks will keep you excited while you count down the days until next season.

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