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Labor Day

Labor Day

Federation of Labor put forth a proposal to establish a national holiday; this holiday would celebrate the strength and morale of trade and labor organizations. The proposal was unanimously approved by Congress, then signed into law by President Grover Cleveland, six days following the Pullman Strike of 1894.

Labor Day is often celebrated with street parades and festivals across the country. The day is also considered the unofficial end of summer. As summer ends, many swimming pools close their doors, schools start fall sessions, and fall sports begin. Even though it is culturally viewed as the end of summer, summer officially ends during the September Equinox (usually September 21 – 24).

One of the most important facets of Labor Day, that most people often don’t recognize, is that it is the last acceptable day to wear white. As white is the absence of color, we don’t even see it! Color is our life with socks as our medium for self-expression. So say goodbye to those white cotton socks and express yourself with some color!

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