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Holy Tapatio, That's Hot!

Holy Tapatio, That's Hot!

Do you like your food spicy? Are you always turning up the heat on flavor? Here on the west coast, we are too! And that’s why we love, and can’t get enough of, Tapatio Hot Sauce. We love the stuff so much that we even created a sock for it. Hot stuff!

Tapatio is our favorite hot sauce. It's made right here in our home state of California, but the founders of the business hail from Guadalajara, Mexico. “Tapatio” is the name used to refer to the people who live in that city. It’s available in many grocery stores around the country; however, in case you can’t get your hands on a bottle, we have you covered! Just grab a pair of our hot sauce socks, and you’ll be set! It’s not exactly like consuming the real thing, but we think these Tapatio socks bring an awesome flavor to any outfit!

Hot Sauce Socks Bring the Heat!

Now, let’s taco ‘bout these awesome socks! Our taco socks and Tapatio socks just make us crave the spice! But luckily, putting on a pair of our ultra-comfy socks won’t burn your tongue or have you frantically reaching for a glass of water! Next time you’re craving something spicy, and the hot sauce you love is out of reach, these hot sauce socks will make for an awesomely fun substitute. However, we unfortunately can’t promise it’ll make your craving for super hot salsa go away!

Let Your Hot Sauce Socks Do the Talking

If “the hotter the better” is your motto, you’re in luck! Let your hot sauce socks do the talking when you’re ready to chow down and crank up the heat! If someone ever questions your tolerance for a hot kick in your favorite dish, you’ll know just how to answer... Simply show off your Tapatio socks and let the world see how daring you are!

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