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Hippity, Hoppity, Sockity! Hop in Line for Easter Socks!

Hippity, Hoppity, Sockity! Hop in Line for Easter Socks!

Hippity, Hoppity, Sockity! The Easter Bunny is on his way, and this year he’s packed the Socksmith Easter basket with fun spring socks for the whole family! Rabbit socks for moms, donut socks for dads, and candy socks for the kids are the perfect addition to any basket of treats. Even sweeter, Easter socks like these won’t send you running to the dentist after you enjoy!

The “Easter Hare” is said to have originated among the German Lutherans in the late 1600’s. The Easter Bunny plays the role of “judge” in determining whether children were good or bad. For the good children, the bunny would bring colored eggs and candy in a basket to homes the night before Easter.

Are the kids looking to entice the Easter Bunny to stop at the house? Encourage them to snack on carrot sticks… the fabled favorite of the Easter Bunny!  Moms can help out by slipping on a pair of carrot socks.

When the bunny arrives, we’re sure they’ll want to leave some bunny socks and candy socks in each basket!

Socks for Every-bunny!

Dress up the whole family for the guest of honor with fun rabbit socks, tasty donut socks, or sweet candy socks. Get in the Easter Bunny spirit! Entice the Easter Bunny to stop by your house by putting a pair of carrot socks on moms and donut socks on dads. Sweet treats are fun, too!

Or, are you trying to stay healthier this year?  You can try to balance out all that sugar with avocado socks, carrot socks, or broccoli monster socks!

Setting up an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on Sunday morning? The kids won’t be disappointed to find a hidden pair of candy socks! Or even better, they can put on their Easter socks before the hunt… a good luck charm while hunting for those sweet surprises.

Hop To it with Rabbit Socks

Nothing will put more pep in your step this Easter like Socksmith’s collections for kids and adults. Choose the more classic vintage rabbit socks for a fancy Easter brunch. And when it’s time to play and enjoy the spring day, kids will flip for the fun candy socks.

How will your family wear their Easter socks this year?

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