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Giving Thanks For Friends, Family, And Fun Thanksgiving Socks

Giving Thanks For Friends, Family, And Fun Thanksgiving Socks

Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Socksmith, we are thankful for all our friends, family, and socks that help keep our hearts and feet warm.

Thanksgiving is the annual unofficial start to the holiday season. Every year during the third week in November, family and friends gather to give thanks and kick off the holidays. While we’ve been tracing the story of Thanksgiving back to the Pilgrims (or Pilgrim squirrels!) and the Native Americans since elementary school, there’s much more to the holiday that we celebrate today. We like to celebrate with fun decor, that happens to also match our feet with fun Thanksgiving socks!

In 1691, Colonists in New England and the Wampanoag Indians gathered together. They shared with each other a feast of the autumn harvest. That day is regarded as one of the first Thanksgiving dinners. (Lucky for us, the feast hasn’t been phased out!)

Celebrate In Style With Fun Thanksgiving Socks

For many, Thanksgiving means gathering with loved ones for the parade, all-day football games, and food! For others, it’ll be a quiet day volunteering at a local shelter, enjoying the day at home, or just relaxing.

Whether your tradition involves a formal get-together or an informal indulgence with those closest to you, you can celebrate the day all the way down to your socks! At Socksmith, we love to pull on fun Thanksgiving garments like our socks to feel festive. Even if you have a formal dinner, you can always spread a little joy with some fun pilgrim squirrel socks or turkey socks underneath those dress clothes!

Give Fun Thanksgiving Socks As Gratitude

The Socksmith team is made up of family and friends, but the main factor that drives us forward is our camaraderie. Thanksgiving is a holiday to give thanks for those around you. We decided it was only appropriate to celebrate the Socksmith way with Friendsgiving! Potluck style, it was a feast! All Socksmith employees were in attendance. There was a wide variety of turkey socks and pilgrim squirrel socks in attendance, as well. So, gobble up those socks and be sure to express yourself this Thanksgiving with some fun socks.

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