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Fun Sock Adventures with Axle

Fun Sock Adventures with Axle

Is there anything that can make a view of the Grand Canyon or the Great Plains even better? Socksmith Ambassador, and traveling outdoors enthusiast, Axle Ethington knows! Wearing an adventurous pair of socks! And if you can squeeze them in the photo frame, even better!

This fall and winter, we’re following along as our favorite travel bug makes his way across the Western United States. Axle Ethington is on an awesome outdoor journey.  As he makes his way across the West, Axle has been stopping at: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, and many more!

We can’t help but get a touch of wanderlust just scoping out his adventures! Axle proves that even while spending over 200 days per year in the woods, you can wear your whimsy with pride by wearing fun socks. Who said plain, boring old hiking socks were the only way to go?

Funky Nature Socks Pull Double Duty

Every hiker and explorer knows you need to keep your feet comfy, warm, and dry if you want to make it through your trek. Nothing slows you down faster than a blister or cold toes! With Socksmith’s selection of socks with animal- and nature-inspired motifs, you can really be one with nature while you explore!

Just ask Axle how important his socks are. You can’t very well hike a mountain without socks inside those boots. But no one says those socks have to be boring, even if you’re the only one who will catch a glimpse. Axle makes it even more fun by donning his buffalo socks on a hike and whipping them out for a photo op with actual buffalo in Yellowstone National Park!

Yellowstone is the only place in the United States, where buffalo have lived continuously since prehistoric times. The only thing that could have made this picture better, is if he was able to make the buffalo wear them!

Even at the top of a 1,000 foot summit, his Socksmith favorites are front and center.

Have An Adventure In Adventurous Socks

Axle makes his Socksmith favorites stand out even against some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Whether he’s just hiked a mountain, trekked down a canyon, or navigated a national park, his funky socks are there for the journey. And as any adventurer knows, frequent breaks are important. What better time to untie those boots and rest your feet? Axle kicks up his feet to enjoy the view—and we love checking out which pair of animal socks he’s chosen for each part of the trip. When you gear up for your next outdoor adventure, we hope you’ll be inspired by Axle’s sock collection and pick a pair to match your nature-loving mood! Mallard socks for a trek to a great lake, perhaps?

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