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Food Socks Gone Wild

Food Socks Gone Wild

Socksmith Online Marketing Coordinator, Julia Anabo shares her Staff Favorite story.

I love socks. Almost as much as I love food. I’ll admit, before I started my career here at Socksmith, I wasn’t half the sock fanatic I am now. There’s something that happens when you’re surrounded by socks all day. Not only do they lift the spirit, but they also create strong sock cravings. The only other substance that matches this level of “must have” for me is food. So what’s a foodie to do when she spends a good portion of her days surrounded by food socks? Consume!

I tried to pick just one style to write about here, but with so many yummy choices, I failed. So, here are my thoughts about our food socks. My love of sushi made our sushi socks my very first favorite. The variety of rolls and nigiri on the socks are so closely representative of what I order at Mobo Sushi, that I knew Socksmith and I were going to have a long, happy relationship.

Feed Your Addiction

My next favorite would be the latte socks. You may be thinking: but coffee isn’t food. To that, I say: you’re obviously not making it right. Yes, I’m an addict, but I feel truly lucky that the extent of my addictive substances are coffee and sugar. As you can probably guess, my next favorite socks would be donut socks -- no, cookie socks--- no, ice cream socks.  Ok, any of our socks with sugary delights featured, because the only thing better than a latte is a latte with a sweet treat.

Produce Socks; Five to Seven Servings a Day

I do actually eat “real food,” and living in California provides constant access to fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetable. These beauties are all lined up on the walls surrounding my desk at Socksmith headquarters. Corn, artichokes, avocados, peaches, bananas, lemons… It’s the greatest environment to work in, and one that gets me to the farmer’s market at least once a week to partake in the real thing. My daily wardrobe doesn’t usually consist of 5-7 pairs of socks, but it definitely happened during this photo shoot.

For heartier options, we have tacos, burgers, steaks, and corndogs. And Socksmith keeps adding to their collection of foodstuffs. French fries, chili peppers, and jam have all recently joined the family. I’d like to say we have toe-stado socks, but the designers always veto this suggestion.

Then there’s the crossover and food-pun socks. Buffalo wing socks, pi socks, and haute dog socks have made some of the greatest gifts for my family and friends.

Whatever I might be craving, we have the socks to express that. So I dress accordingly. It definitely helps my co-workers determine what kind of snack they should bring me (hope you guys are reading this!).

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