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Father's Day Socks... Please Don't Give Me A Tie!

Father's Day Socks... Please Don't Give Me A Tie!

It’s upon us once again, the only day besides our birthday, that allows Pops to be the King of the Household! And what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by giving him something he’ll actually wear, use, and love?... Father’s Day socks!

Not just any socks, NO BORING SOCKS! From Beer socks, to Shark socks, to Jug socks, Tapatio hot sauce socks, Avocado socks, Taco socks, and even Meat on a Grill socks are the best dad socks that one can find!

Sean Jimenez, Socksmith Sales and Marketing Director, shares his Father’s Day thoughts.

Hide Those Dad-Cankles!

Gone are the days of ties, underwear, plain white tee-shirts, and bad cologne. Welcome to the days of, “Dad, we’re going to get you a gift that will rock your office! Your cankles will be the envy of every dad in your board-room come Monday morning!” Socks are the best Father’s Day gift (as well as incredibly affordable) a dad could receive this year, and not just any socks - Socksmith socks.

Being a dad myself, I can appreciate a good gift on Father’s Day, because let’s face it, it’s all about the kids all year long! My son and I fight over socks, and since he’s as big as I am now, (even when I wear my Bam!Pow! socks for extra super hero strength) I can’t always fight him off any more! He’s always stealing my American Flag socks, Monkey socks, Biohazard socks, and his recent favorite, the Jackalope socks (stay tuned for our Fall 2017 collection to find this style). If I’m missing my favorites, all I need to do is look in his sock drawer.

Be Bold and Trendy

I also have a daughter. If you’re a dad and have a teenage daughter, then you know your sock game must be on point! Bear socks, crocodile socks, lobster socks, even my airplane socks, if they don’t look cool and meet her approval, she lets me know it. Suffering the wrath of a teenage girl in public is no way to spend Father’s Day… or any day for that matter! Thankfully, I happen to have a healthy repertoire of fantastic novelty socks at my disposal, all of which she loves.

This Father’s Day, be bold, be brave, hint for the coolest gifts a dad could ask for… Father’s Day socks! Go for bright, crazy, themed, fun, comfortable, and wacky, just don’t let them be boring! Have a wonderful and Happy Father’s Day… with the best dad socks one can find!

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