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En-toe-mology; Celebrate Summer with Bug Socks

En-toe-mology; Celebrate Summer with Bug Socks

Mid-summer brings many things with it: heat, sunburn, vacations, bathing suits, picnics.... and bugs. Lots of bugs with all their little bug families. This can definitely put a cramp in your easy-going, summer lifestyle, but before you swat, please take a moment to ponder these fascinating creatures. I mean, let’s face it, they want to come out and play in the hot weather and sunshine, too. However, when it comes mosquitoes, swat away! Those guys are jerks.

If you’re over the age of ten, you could probably use a reminder of how cool the insect family can be. Let us help, by putting bugs on your feet. Don’t fret, we’re talking about bug socks. From bee socks, to grasshopper socks, to beetle socks, we have the en-toe-mology to get you in the creepy-crawly spirit.

Keep ‘Em Movin’ In Fun Bug Socks

Many kids are out of school for the summer, unless they attend a year-round school (which  sounds about as fun as living in an ant colony). As a parent, come July, you may have reached the bottom of your bag of tricks for keeping the munchkins occupied. How about a trip to someplace like the Insect Zoo at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. You’ll be the envy of all the visitors when your group shows up in some beetle socks.

Don’t have your own kids, but scheduled to watch someone else’s? You’ll be their fave babysitter of all time if you show up with beetles on your feet. They can even join in on the fun, when you bring them their own insect socks to wear. Just don’t get too upset when they wear them to tromp them through the dirt looking for the real thing. So much summer fun is rooted in mess-making, and a few stains on kid’s socks just show how much those bug socks have been loved.

 Chill Out and Ponder Class Insecta

If you’ve reached your limit of summer outings, and you’re ready for some downtime at home, some bamboo ladybug socks will help you get in a comfy, lounging mood, while you watch A Bug’s Life for the seventy-fifth time.

Bugs are amazing. And even if you don’t like certain bugs, there’s probably another bug that eats it. Pretty cool. Gardeners are fond of ladybugs and their appetite for aphids. And remember those jerks we were talking about earlier? Well, our friend, the dragonfly will help take those mosquitoes out of the picture. We think we just established our favorite insect!

If you’re still not feeling passionate and appreciative of the insect family, perhaps a wonderfully science-geeky book will do the trick. Friend of Socksmith, Matt Simon, has a good deal to say about bugs (and the rest of the weird and wonderful animal kingdom), and was kind enough to consolidate much of this information in his book, The Wasp That Brainwashed the CaterpillarHe definitely deserves some bug socks for this highly entertaining publication.

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