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Donut Worry About A Thing!

Donut Worry About A Thing!

When’s the last time you took a look at your to-do list and saw a blank page staring back at you? We’re guessing it was way too long ago! Between work, family, personal things to do, places to go, and people to see, it can feel like you never get a break. But we want you to make sure you take time for yourself. Relax, unwind, and don’t—or donut!—worry about a thing with Socksmith’s forever comfy donut socks, that can help remind you of the more peaceful, delightful parts of life.

Donut Socks Are the Perfect Companion For a Day of Relaxation!

Just about nothing says “me time” like cozy socks adorned with donuts. And nothing says “treat yourself” like eating an actual donut! It’s important to occasionally say “so long” to the to-do list or diet, and indulge in leisure time and a sweet treat. With donuts on your feet, how could an afternoon be anything to take too seriously?

Donuts have been a simple or fancy dessert that people have loved for over two hundred years. The first cookbook to mention the donut, as an American recipe, was published in 1803. Some historians give credit to North American Dutch settlers. An American man named Hanson Gregory says he was 16 years old when he created the ring-shaped pastry in 1847. He was aboard a lime-trading ship at that time.

Have Your Donut (Socks) and Eat One Too!

What started as a humble cake fried in oil, has become one of America's favorite breakfast pastries and desserts (and let’s not forget America’s favorite donut socks!). You can go to virtually any bakery and pick out a traditional ring-shaped donut, or a spherical donut hole. Go for a cream-filled, fruit-filled, or nut-topped option. Choose frosting or no frosting, sprinkles or no sprinkles, fancy toppings or plain and simple. But one thing we totally recommend? Wearing your donut socks to the bakery, so they know you’re serious!

You can even make your own donuts at home. Here’s a fun, sweet way to spend an afternoon:

Gather the kids or a few friends and invite them into your kitchen for a donut-making party.

Find a recipe online or in your favorite cookbook!

Lay out a donut bar, with plenty of options that let everyone make their favorite kind. Include different frostings, fresh diced fruit, chopped nuts, fruit preserves, and even ice cream! Have a contest to see who can create the most delicious (or messiest!) donut. Award the winner with something they’re sure to love: a pair of donut socks!

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