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Colorful Socks for Our Colorful Workforce on Labor Day

Colorful Socks for Our Colorful Workforce on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! A day of celebration and recognition for the American work force. In the late 19th century, The American Federation of Labor put forth a proposal to establish a national holiday; this holiday would celebrate the strength and morale of trade and labor organizations. Take this day to celebrate all that hard work you put in throughout the year. And if you have to work today, we suggest wearing a pair of colorful socks to brighten your day!

Work (and Play) in Colorful Socks

As summer ends and fall begins, we go from wearing ped socks to crew socks. One of the most important facets of Labor Day, in regards to the fashion world, is that it is the last acceptable day to wear white. What is the color white? The absence of color… but, what is that? White socks?... gross! Color is our life here at Socksmith, with socks as our medium for self-expression. So, say goodbye to those white socks and express yourself with some colorful socks!

You Work Hard, You Deserve Awesome Socks

No color = no fun… all year long! We continue to strive to provide some of the most colorful socks and detailed sock designs for sock lovers everywhere. If you’re looking to add some color to your wardrobe, and follow the fashion law of Labor Day, just continue browsing our website. Welcome to the sock club… No Boring Socks!

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