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Celebrate World Kindness Day with Corgi Socks and a Random Act of Kindness

The world could always use an extra splash of kindness. That’s the idea behind World Kindness Day. Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate today with a random act of kindness and the act of gifting someone some fun Corgi socks?!

On this particular day, international celebrations of kindness, good deeds, and surprise instances of spreading joy are supported by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. This is an organization that helps people do extraordinary things, just by being kind. Everyone has the power to uplift humankind. This little pick-me-up can be as simple as a gift, a gesture, or a kind word.

At Socksmith, we were thinking about how we would like to participate in random acts of kindness this year, and of course we had fun socks on the brain at the same time! We have two great ideas to help you celebrate World Kindness Day.

Speak Something Uplifting on World Kindness Day

A simple (and 100% free!) random act of kindness you can do any time, any place, for anyone involves simply speaking up. Why don’t you try:

  • Greeting someone who looks lonely with a warm, heartfelt hello
  • Complimenting someone’s socks or haircut as you walk into the office
  • Thanking someone genuinely for something small, even if it’s just holding the door open
  • Taking a moment to tell your family members and friends that you’re grateful for them, and expressing how they add joy to your life
  • Calling someone you haven’t spoken to lately to catch up

Give A Little Gift Of Corgi Socks On World Kindness Day

For the tiniest bit of extra effort, give a friendly gift like a fun pair of Corgi socks! This funky pair of socks is sure to make any whimsical friend or dog-lover smile from ear to ear. The best part is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will the recipient feel your kindness today, but every time they pull their new socks out of the drawer. Your random act of Corgi sock kindness will have everyone’s tails wagging well into the future!

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