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Celebrate Bald and Free Day in Bald President Socks

Sean Jimenez, Socksmith Director of Sales & Marketing, shares his Bald & Free story.

Excerpt from a real conversation:

“Thomas, I’m thinking about ditching my wig.  It’s hot, itchy, and quite frankly, I feel it’s time to embrace my thinning hair and impending baldness.”

“Wait a minute, George, I know you like to create your own path, being self-educated, a fearless military leader, and the first founding father to sign the Constitution, but ditching the wig? What kind of message would that send?”

“It will say: this thing on my head made of goat and horse hair is quite uncomfortable and smelly, and therefore, I choose to be bald and free…”

“Perhaps you could just express this impulse with fun socks, instead.”

Bald Socks - From Cats to Presidents

Alright, maybe that’s not exactly how it went, and our founding fathers certainly wore their share of powdered wigs, but I like to think that their sock choices would have been quite different had they had other options.  For example, I could imagine George Washington wearing Thomas Jefferson socks, and Thomas Jefferson wearing George Washington socks, as a sign of friendship and respect. Or maybe they both would’ve  appreciated a pair of hairless cat socks to help embrace their own hairlessness.

However, let’s talk about the more pressing issue of whether or not they liked wearing powdered wigs, and just how seemingly uncomfortable that would be.  Personally, now that I’m bald (or at the very least keep my hair nice and short. Nah, I’m pretty bald) it drives me crazy to even wear a baseball cap, something I did nearly every day when I had hair. I can’t imagine wearing a powdered wig, especially to all day meetings on the East Coast during summer… yikes!  

It’s All About Fun Socks Anyway

High socks made of silk or wool, although they perhaps looked cool, were in fact quite uncomfortable.  Perhaps our historical paintings would be more colorful and fun had our founding fathers worn Washington socks, Jefferson socks, or hairless cat socks. I might have paid more attention in history class had I imagined the powdered wigs and high stockings they wore being replaced by natural baldness and fun socks.

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