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Be Stealth Like a Ninja on April Fool's Day!

You’re wearing all black, walking so quietly down the hall that no one can hear you coming. Watch out, because April Fools' Day is here again! You are so stealth in the office that your coworkers call you a ninja… or ninja cat! Definitely a ninja cat, as those are the coolest socks to wear on this fun April holiday. Including an airhorn under a coworkers office chair, or filling an entire cubicle with balloons… do you have your pranks planned yet? Dress your quiet toes with ninja cat socks and be stealth like a ninja as you pull off your best pranks yet.

April Fools' Day is celebrated all over the world, with jokes and hoaxes of all sizes crafted for the purpose of catching someone in a friendly prank. Anyone who falls for a prank on this day is the “April Fool,” but what does April 1 have to do with it? Well, the truth is, it’s kind of a mystery. Some theories say it might have to do with Hilaria, a Greco-Roman festival that used to be celebrated on March 25. There's some evidence that it might stem from people misunderstanding one of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

But whatever the cause, we can’t resist an excuse to pull a prank on your coworkers! Enhance the fun and pull on a pair of April Fools' Day socks for those brilliant practical jokes you’ve planned. For a holiday that is the opposite of seriousness, our ninja cat socks are seriously cool.

They Must Have Been Wearing Their Ninja Cat Socks!

Over the past couple years, big businesses and media outlets have been getting in on the prank game and releasing their own public practical jokes on April Fools' Day. In 2016, National Geographic made a splash when it announced they would no longer publish nude photos… of animals! Also last year, Quilted Northern “released” a line of “rustic” toilet paper, to give the bathroom an artisan feel. And back in 1962, a national TV station in Sweden broadcast for a whole five minutes on how viewers at home could change their sets into color TVs with a nylon stocking. (Reportedly thousands of people gave it a try!)

Pull Your Pranks in April Fools' Day Socks

Finally, a day dedicated to pulling pranks… an excuse to do something we do every day anyways! Follow the Socksmith way and let a pair of our April Fools' Day socks inspire your practical jokes. In bright blue or charcoal heather, the ninja cat is your April Fools' mascot!

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