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Back to School Socks

Back to school = end of summer = end of fun. But for some of us who liked school, end of summer is an adventure full of new teachers, new school supplies, seeing old friends, and lots of new things to learn! The best part is always the back to school clothes shopping though. When you’re buying those new shoes the kids have grown out of, don’t forget the back to school socks!

Do you know one of those moms who’s always dressing the kids up in those matching back to school outfits they never want to wear? Or maybe you’re that kid, and you sneak cool clothes in your backpack to change into on the school bus every morning? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us! Just make sure you don’t forget the fun socks to replace those boring socks you were forced to wear this morning.

Studious or Slacker

Is your goal to make honor roll this year? Math socks will help visualize this objective. Or is your motto “D’s Get Degrees” and you have lofty life goals? We have fun socks for you, too! Wearing Einstein socks will surely make you feel smarter. You have to fake it till you make it sometimes, and nerd socks are our secret to confidence boosts this school year. Better yet, give your math teacher a pair of math socks just like yours as the ultimate brown-nosing tactic.

Feed Your Mind and Your Feet

If you’re like us here at Socksmith, your favorite subject of the school day is lunchtime! From french fry socks to broccoli monster socks, we pretty much have the whole food pyramid covered. Hopefully those french fry socks will get you through the morning and hold off those hunger pangs until the lunch bell rings! And maybe some nerd socks will help you get through that post-lunch pop quiz.

So, when you’re back to school shopping this year, don’t forget the back to school socks! We have math socks, Einstein socks, and even crayon socks and painter’s palatte socks for those art or kindergarten teachers. After all, teachers deserve cool back to school socks too!

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