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Appreciation Socks on World Gratitude Day

Appreciation Socks on World Gratitude Day

September 21st is World Gratitude Day. Celebrate with fun socks! Back in 1965, the beautiful state of Hawaii hosted an international gathering and thought it would be a good idea to have a day to express appreciation and gratitude towards the many wonderful things in the world.  As a result of this meeting, the attendees went back to their countries and officially did the same thing a year later.  Pretty cool, pretty simple, and pretty wonderful.

At Socksmith, we try to appreciate a lot of things.  I mean, we design and sell socks for a living!  Talk about gratitude, how can one not appreciate the smiles received when a pair of pug socks is given?  Or a pair of significant otters?  Speaking of significant otter socks, did you know that almost every time we tell someone that sea otters mate for life and fall asleep holding hands, we get a smile?  We appreciate sea otters!

Fun Socks For A Positive Impact

The hope of the founders of World Gratitude Day was for people everywhere to express gratitude, appreciation and positive reflection for the many wonderful things we have in our lives.  We’re probably all pretty good at this most of the time, but even the best of us get caught up in silly things every now and then.  

The most important thing for me is to make sure my kids have an understanding of the wonderful things all around them.  This includes socks; grilled cheese socks, s’mores socks, taco socks, avocado socks - things we use or see in our daily lives.  My daughter gave warm & fuzzy socks to her volleyball teammates, because they were traveling somewhere cold.  They all screamed and gave hugs.  Her volleyball coach didn’t scream (he’s too “manly”), but also gave her a hug when she gave him a pair of bamboo lion socks.  It’s the little things.

Make It Official

This September 21st (it’s a Thursday) let’s appreciate the things around us and share that gratitude with those we come into contact with.  Getting kids ready for school?  Send them off in a pair of pug socks. They’re sure to be entertained, and their buddies as well. And giving your significant other a pair of significant otter socks is a no-brainer. Feel the love, when you you show your gratitude with some fun socks.

With so much going on in the world, let’s take the one day created so many years ago to appreciate the wonderful things we have in our lives.  Give a hug, give a smile, give whatever it takes to make a difference for the day, and get ready to be appreciated.  Or give some socks, which is basically giving smiles!

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