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Behind the Sizzle

Behind the Sizzle

If you like how Socksmith looks, if you're a fan of our brand, and especially if you are a friend of our socks, you probably wonder who's responsible for all the glam. All the credit goes to our fabulous creative teams, made up of our designers and marketing department. Let's get to know them!

Such Fine Sock Design

The Socksmith fam shares one core value–that life is too short for boring socks. Our design team’s mission? To continually develop new and exciting socks that keep your toes excited!

Seven individuals bear this responsibility, and it would be an understatement to say that your feet are in good hands. Meet the Socksmith design team:

  • Krystle is a senior Product Developer and Sock Designer with the longest tenure of our Creative Team. Krystle not only designs socks, but she also works closely with the manufacturers to develop exciting new sock categories guaranteed to tickle your tootsies. 

  • Holly is a Sock Designer extraordinaire who has been with Socksmith the second longest. She creates super imaginative socks and forecasts the Creative Team’s schedule to keep us on track for our design seasons. 

  • Katie is Socksmith’s busy Creative Director. Katie manages a team of designers, from textile to graphic design, and develops new products with multiple manufacturers. She also finds time to support the sales and marketing teams by designing marketing materials, socks, other products, and packaging.

  • Sarah is a Passionate Sock Designer and the proud daughter of Socksmith founders Eric and Ellen Gil. Sarah works remotely from Washington and is the talent behind our incredible new Endangered Species Collection.

  • Amanda is another dynamic Sock Designer who works remotely from Maine. Amanda created our new Kids' Collection, featuring playful designs and fun colors. Little feet can express themselves, sporting anything from unicorns and astronauts to dinosaurs and donuts.

  • Leah–Leah wears two hats as an expert Graphic Designer and Web Developer. She works closely with the marketing team and keeps the Socksmith website running smoothly.

  • Charlotte is a multi-talented Graphic Designer and Sock Designer, and her design work spans graphics to textiles. Charlotte also works to support the marketing and sales teams.

What We Do–in the Design Team’s Words

We are small but mighty, and our team works hard to crank out 250-300 kickass new designs each year. We strive to design with artistic flair and a sense of humor, keeping in mind that our customers love to have fun!

Our team is known for their current, pop-culture-inspired novelty themes that sometimes border on edgy. Though we lean towards youthful styling and motifs, our designs appeal to all ages.

We love being part of Socksmith – an altruistic, eco-friendly, forward-thinking, approachable brand.

Meet our design team. Photo of Leah, Charlotte, Krystle, Holly, and Katie
Our Designs

Socksmith is known for its laid-back lifestyle nature. Our customers are expressive, unique, playful individuals who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Generally, our socks feature super colorful, highly-patterned designs. We like to be artful in a fun way and love the opportunities we get to collaborate with independent artists. (Socksmith features a huge officially licensed sock offering!)

Beyond the bright colors and lively designs, our socks are made to be all-inclusive and kind to the Earth. We’re super proud of our Outlands USA collection, made to be as ecologically friendly as possible and manufactured in the USA from upcycled textiles.

We'll Continue to Toe the Line

You can count on Socksmith designers to continue to dream up and bring fabulously creative, comfortable, durable, reasonably-priced footwear to life. We want you to be able to express your true self, and it’s our goal to feature a design for everyone. It’s our passion!

To Market, To Market

The extraordinary humans in our Marketing Department work to bring the Socksmith brand to life, whether by designing creative ads for a campaign, posting on social media, spearheading an email campaign, or updating our websites. Each member of this team wears many hats. Quite simply, they rock!

Allow us to introduce:

  • Sean is the President of Socksmith. Sean also oversees the Marketing Team and is an incredibly supportive checks-and-balances person whenever and wherever he is needed.

  • Rachel is our Marketing Manager. Rae also manages and oversees email marketing, eCommerce shops, social media, and everything digital. (She. Is. A. Boss.)

  • Kat, our in-house SMM Guru, is the Socksmith Social Media Specialist. Kat’s other roles include overseeing and running our social media accounts and handling company donations. 

  • Jessica is the talented Director of Socksmith Web Sales. Jess also assists with our website sales and updates.

Also, here are two re-introductions:

  • Leah, our Developer, and Graphic Designer assists with web development and graphic design for marketing campaigns. (Is it just us, or does her creativity never end?)

  • Charlotte, the talented Graphic Designer who assists with graphic design for marketing campaigns, signage, and catalogs. (We value her keen eye for aesthetics.)

What We Do–in the Marketing Team’s Words

Socksmith’s expert Marketing Team works hard to directly support our valued retailers by providing everything they need to serve customers, including email updates that keep retailers up to speed on Socksmith happenings. We also create, catalog, and supply high-quality lifestyle and product photography for retailers' marketing use.

Meet our marketing team. Photo of Leah, Charlotte, Rachel, Sean, and Jessica
Specific Initiatives: AKA How We Do It

As a small, ever-changing–and rapidly growing–brand, Socksmith participates in many trade shows, meeting with wonderful retailers worldwide. There are very few months in the year where you won't find us in a booth, clipboards in hand, writing orders, and meeting new people. It’s exhilarating, exhausting, and part of marketing life. Good thing we have our coffee socks (along with our Happy Hour attire) to help us through the days!

The Socksmith team at MAGIC trade show
Socksmith does Vegas, MAGIC, ​​2022

In addition to traveling to meet and support merchants, we’ve launched specific initiatives to assist our retailers, creating a dedicated B2B social media platform to offer targeted support. We also provide specialized B2B branding and easy-to-use ordering sites

Our marketing team also produces industry-related blog posts and other free, high-interest content. We aim to equip our merchants with a well-equipped, all-in-one marketing tool kit.

Your brand is unique, and so is Socksmith support.

Each retailer is unique, and their needs vary. As an example, sometimes they want to collaborate on specials or giveaways. Regardless of the situation, our team is always eager to customize initiatives to work for you.

We are always available to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to reach out via email at marketing@socksmith.com.

Proud to be Socksmith

Our Design and Marketing Teams are committed to serving customers, retailers, and the community.

As they shared their experiences being part of Socksmith, each reiterated how proud they are to be a part of a company that gives back. 

To the individuals within our Design and Marketing Departments, community matters.

The People Who Make the Brand

Marketing guru Seth Godin once famously said, “Every interaction, in any form, is branding.” Hopefully, this article gave you a peek into the talented individuals behind the Socksmith brand. The magic begins with how the Socksmith Design and Marketing Teams interact with one another, our customers, and our retailers. It’s the people who are behind Socksmith’s sizzle.

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