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Socksmith was founded on the principle that self-expression is true beauty, and our team works hard to design unique, quality socks that connect people from all walks of life. 

As small retailers themselves, our founders lead our team to prioritize the needs of our retailer network. We're constantly asking for your feedback and making tweaks along the way.

If you're here, you're probably embarking on your journey to a life of #NoBoringSocks. We're thrilled to be along for the ride! 

Interested in becoming a Socksmith Retailer? Here's our promise to you.

🧦 We May Not Be a Good Fit If...
You're a retailer that sells on Amazon, or other third-party websites.

🧦 Epic Variety of Designs
As one of our partners you will get unlimited access to over 2,000 SKUs. Our best-selling collections include: novelty cotton, super-soft bamboo, US-made recycled, athletic, knee-high, and kids.

🧦 $400 Minimum Order Value
Applies to your first order only.

🧦 First Order Offer: Free Shipping Over $500
Stocking up on colorful socks? Enjoy the perk of free ground shipping over $500 on your first order.

🧦  BIG Launches
Refresh your display with brand-new styles introduced biannually.

🧦  Speedy Shipping and Fulfillment Team
Our warehouse team is based in California, and we aim to ship all orders out within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

🧦  Customer Service Team You Can Actually Get Ahold Of
Our friendly Socksmith experts work at our HQ and are available to chat Mon-Fri by phone or email.

🧦  Exclusive Access to our Dedicated Social Media
 Words won't do it justice. See for yourself...

🧦 Free Downloadable Content
Our marketing and creative team are always finding innovative ways to save you time. As soon as you onboard as a retailer, you'll get provided with an endless supply of resources.

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Shark Attack - Cotton Crew

Sushi - Cotton Crew

Corgi Butt - Cotton Crew

Tacos - Cotton Crew

Significant Otter - Cotton Crew

Rosie - Cotton Crew

Smart Ass - Cotton Crew

Hen House - Cotton Crew

Sushi - Cotton Crew

Cat in a Box - Cotton Crew

Significant Otter - Cotton Crew

Tacos - Cotton Crew

Science Lab - Cotton Crew

Kittenster - Cotton Crew

When Pigs Fly - Cotton Crew

Elephant Love - Cotton Crew

Puzzled - Cotton Crew

Avocado - Cotton Crew

Meds - Cotton Crew

Pugs - Cotton Crew

Silly Billy - Cotton Crew

Donuts - Cotton Crew

Corgi - Cotton Crew

Jane Austen - Cotton Crew

Bigfoot - Cotton Crew

Acoustic Guitar - Cotton Crew

Raptor - Cotton Crew

Mac 'N Cheese - Cotton Crew

Pugs - Cotton Crew

The Wave - Bamboo

Army - Cotton Crew

Avocado - Cotton Crew

Zero Fox Given - Cotton Crew

Pineapple - Cotton Crew

Magical Unicorn - Cotton Crew

Significant Otter - Cotton Crew

Mermaid You Look - Cotton Crew