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Available Now: Socksmith’s Merino Wool COMPASS Collection

Available Now: Socksmith’s Merino Wool COMPASS Collection

PSST! Socksmith Has Something New to Share!

Are you ready to step up your sock game? We've been cooking up something extraordinary in the Socksmith labs. It's time to unveil a new collection that’s our first-ever foray into the realm of Merino wool. Inspired by the beauty and wildness of Santa Cruz, California, we're stoked to offer you the ultimate companion for your customer’s wanderlust-fueled adventures.

"We’re all here for the journey, and it’s great to have the right socks for the job!”

- Eric Gil

New COMPASS design: Folk Art Rooster

Our Captain of Socks, and Owner, Eric Gil, shares the details:

"After 15 years of best-in-class cotton novelty sock design, Socksmith’s innovators are launching a new Outdoor category of Socks in a ‘Soft Merino Wool Blend’ for Fall 2023–we’re calling these socks COMPASS! ‘Here for the Journey’ is the COMPASS catchphrase. We’re all here for the journey, and it’s great to have the right socks for the job!”

Merino Wool: Always the Perfect Choice

Let’s have a sock heart-to-heart. Many folks are traditionalists–all about cotton socks. They're cool, they're casual, and they've got that oh-so-soft feel. But, let us spin you a yarn about the wooly wonder that is Merino wool.

Merino wool may be the world’s most adaptable performance material. The wool comes from the sheep high-elevation areas in Australia and New Zealand and is valued for its durability and moisture-wicking capabilities. Under a microscope, these fibers are only half as thick as human hairs but are somehow twice as strong and can be twisted tens of thousands of times without breaking.

This stretchability is what makes Merino wool so valuable. Tiny crimps in each fiber allow the strands to coil together yet remain elastic. Merino fabric is durable thanks to its ability to repeatedly return to its original shape.

Let's face it, not all socks are created equal. Merino wool socks are a cut above, offering versatility and comfort no matter the conditions. This super-fabric is a beast at regulating temperature, making it perfect for all seasons and activities. Our President, Sean, says, “From hiking to camping, riding bikes on the coastal highway to hanging out with our friends and family,” our Merino wool socks keep your toes toasty in winter and cool as a cucumber in summer. Plus, they breathe like a yogi, delivering superb comfort.

Here's more information on why Merino wool is a top option for your adventure junky customers.


Merino wool has an uncanny ability to adapt to your body's thermometer. In winter's icy grip, these socks are your own personal foot-heaters, holding in the warmth to keep your toes as toasty as a marshmallow in a campfire. But when the mercury rises, Merino does a complete 180, serving as a mini air conditioner, wicking away sweat and keeping wearers cool. It's like having a climate control system for your feet!

Keeping You Dry

Speaking of sweat, Merino is a total pro at moisture management. Ever had that squishy, icky feeling of sweaty feet at the end of a long day? Merino Wool says, "Not on my watch!" It absorbs moisture from your skin and evaporates it into the air, keeping your feet drier than a stand-up comedian.

Footloose and Odor-Free

Merino wool comes with a secret weapon: odor resistance. Thanks to its moisture-wicking powers, it creates an environment that's not so friendly for the bacteria that cause foot odor. Say goodbye to that awkward moment of kicking off your shoes and clearing out a room!

Kind to the Planet

One of the best things about Merino wool socks is that they are kind to the planet. Merino sheep are typically shorn once or twice yearly, and their wool regenerates quickly. The wool is naturally sourced and harvested with no harm to the animal.

Delivers a Superior Fit

Merino wool’s natural elasticity allows garments to stretch easily and return to their original shape, making them an ideal material for socks. The Merino fibers prevent bagging and sagging and offer flexibility to fit your feet perfectly.   

Unbeatable Comfort

Last but not certainly not least, Merino wool socks are unbelievably soft. Seriously, it's like they're made of cloud fluff. Wearers enjoy comfort no matter where life takes them: outdoor adventures, hikes, treks, watching the game, or relaxing by the campfire. They offer the kind of comfort that makes you want to put your feet up and say, "Ahhhh."

Breaking Down the Fiber Content

The COMPASS Collection is a power combo of acrylic, wool, nylon, and spandex. Here's a quick rundown on why these fibers rock:

  • Wool – these fuzzy fibers are like a warm hug for your feet - cozy, soft, and breathable. They're superstars at whisking away moisture and have natural antibacterial mojo that helps nix odors, no matter the conditions.
  • Acrylic – it’s like the Superman of fibers - durable, colorfast, lightweight, soft, and super easy to care for. It's a dream team player in the sock game.
  • Nylon – Nylon is the secret sauce that adds strength and elasticity to our socks. It helps them keep their shape, last longer, and resist the wear and tear of their wildest adventures.
  • Spandex – it’s what makes our socks stretchier than your favorite yoga instructor. It gives our socks a snug and comfy fit while helping them keep their shape over time.

Other Premium Features

Our COMPASS Collection also boasts several premium features to ensure the wearer’s comfort. Slip your toes inside to enjoy, including:

  • A cushioned footbed packed with additional padding and comfort in the heel, arch, and toe
  • Dynamic arch support with light compression to help support feet and lessen fatigue
  • And a breathable mesh knit for maximum dryness and comfort

We're talking VIP treatment for your feet here!

Let COMPASS Be Your Guide

Our COMPASS collection socks are ready to tag along wherever your wild heart takes you. Whether you're hitting the trails, spinning your bike wheels, sharing spooky tales around the campfire, or just running to the store for some ice cream, these socks have your back. Crafted in China, our COMPASS socks are soft, supportive, versatile, and ready for anything.

Get Ready–Available Now!

Get ready to meet your sole-mates in time for fall! That’s when the COMPASS Collection will strut in with eight women’s and nine men’s styles, all rocking nature and outdoor adventure vibes. We've got something for every sock lover with eclectic, colorful designs like birds and bees, dogs and RVs, mountains and deserts, beer, and even Sasquatch! 

The collection will retail for between $8.50 to $18.00 for single pairs and $51.00 for a 6-Pack, so there's a sock to suit every budget.

The Right Socks for Any Job

Our COMPASS Collection is more than just socks. It's our love letter to comfort, quality, and style, and we can't wait to share it with you and your customers. Get set to offer socks made for any adventure, in any condition, at any time. We’re here for the journey and ready to kick up some fun with our COMPASS Collection!

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