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Five trends we did not have the inventory for #thankyou2020

Five trends we did not have the inventory for #thankyou2020

If this year has taught us all anything, it’s that when we set our 2020 goals last year, we could never have anticipated just how unrealistic they would be. 


Historically our business goals have been within reach. Our product launches are planned-out years in advance and we reverse engineer our efforts. We prepare for the seasons, the Holidays, and the events in-between. And hey, if something wasn’t as successful as we’d hoped for, then we have our best-sellers to fall back on. Needless to say our Google Calendar has seen more updates than the Dept. of Public Health this year.


Some things never change and yes, people still LOVE to wear disgustingly cute matching sock (and mask) styles. As we reflect upon the unprecedented year we’re about to leave behind, here are the top five products that we did not have the inventory for because, well…#Rona2020


  1. Corona Socks: Back in March we really came to understand the meaning of the word “royalty”, and no we’re not referring to Meghan Markle. Coronavirus meant “working” from home, and an extended spring break. Big deal? We think not! Our Corona Socks saw a huge increase in popularity and were a short-lived best seller. At the time it’s obvious why we thought a pair of socks would be a novel way to remember that “crazy time” when some of us (no judgement) were afraid to eat Chinese food.
  2. Meds SocksJust a few weeks later we finally started to grasp just how horrendous this pandemic was beginning to look. By April, about 50% of the world’s population was under lockdown. As a nation, we grew an unfathomable appreciation for key workers and our #HealthCareHeroes. A simple pair of socks was such a huge way to thank them for putting their lives at risk for us.
  3. Masks: Not only did we not have the inventory for our crazy selling mask collection, but it didn’t even exist until Q3. Our team worked diligently to ensure we were on track for a mid-July launch, adding 8 fun mask designs to our portfolio, based off of our best-selling sock designs. They sold out within HOURS. We are still continuing to perfect the form and functionality of our masks, and we will be launching new designs before the end of the year. Did you know matching masks and sock sets make the perfect Secret Santa gifts?  
  4. Dumpster Fire: It’s mid-summer and we’ve spent more of this year in a pandemic than not. We’ve come to accept that it’s been a pretty crappy 2020 so far, hence the explosion in sales (excuse the pun) of our Dumpster Fire sock. A design to represent the term “Dumpster Fire”, defined by Urban Dictionary as “A complete disaster”. Amen. Needless to say, folks, this sock design has sold out. Sorry about that.
  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Election season is upon us, and while we’re preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, we could not have been ready for the passing of our beloved RBG. Our sock to represent the icon which she was, sold out within just a couple of days, without any promotional efforts. RIP RBG.


And there you have it.


Well 2020, you win some, you lose some. We’re wishing we could say “it’s been a blast”, but boy, has it been a year we’ll never forget.


Yours Truly,

A fatigued marketing team

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