The Endangered Species Collection will directly benefit environmental causes within the Santa Cruz area and beyond. Socksmith firmly believes in the importance of making an impact by supporting local businesses and affecting positive change within one’s community. Two entities will share 10% of the Endangered Species Collection’s net proceeds. The best part? You can see your impact as you purchase here.


Our Partners

Seymour Marine Discovery Center

The Seymour Marine Discovery Center–operated by the University of California, Santa Cruz–is a community-supported learning center giving the public a unique view into the workings of a marine research lab.

The Center’s main goal is to educate people about scientific research's role in understanding and conserving the world’s oceans. Visitors can find their inner scientists through rich experiential learning programs, including school field trips, summer youth programs, Science Sundays, volunteer opportunities, internships, and more.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey

The O’Neill Sea Odyssey aims to provide students with “a hands-on educational experience to encourage the protection and preservation of our living sea and communities.” Their odysseys happen aboard a 65-foot sailing catamaran that was once used by Jack and Tim O’Neill as a vehicle for Jack’s hot air balloon. 

Today, the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor facility consists of a two-story, 8,500 ft² building complete with an education center that offers over 200 classes each year. The O’Neill Sea Odyssey’s school science program has served over 100,000 students through two endowments and the community's continued support.