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Lost Sock Memorial Day... We Can Help!

Lost Sock Memorial Day... We Can Help!

Today we honor and remember all of those who have been lost throughout the long walk of life. Hard battles have been fought at the laundromat and in changing rooms. They lived great lives… full of happiness, joy, comfort, and added warmth. We will always remember those long-lost socks, hoping that Dobby has been collecting them along the way.

What really happens to all those lost socks?

After all this time… If Dobby has been collecting all the lost socks in the world, can you imagine how many he has by now? We hope that Hermione has re-ignited her S.P.E.W (The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) goals, because all those lost socks are the perfect addition to their efforts! We can free so many house elves!

You’re folding laundry and somehow you always seem to have an odd number of socks at the end of the drying cycle. You’re constantly losing socks in the laundry, but always finding spare change… so logically, there must be a sock fairy!

It would be even worse if you only had socks that were specialized for “right foot” and “left foot” … it would be a pretty circular day if you had two left feet! Luckily, Socksmith socks aren’t that sophisticated. A taco sock on one foot and Tapatio socks on the other? It’s almost like those single socks got lost on purpose, just to find an even better pairing!

Socksmith Is Here to Help With Lost Socks!

Even if you don’t have complimentary socks, like pot socks and donut socks, there are even better pairings that can be randomized every day! Pancake socks and coffee socks may be great, but so are unicorn socks and music socks… it doesn’t matter! So-long as all your feet are covered with colorful socks, who cares if they match? Be bold, forget the status quo, and wear those mismatched socks with pride!

To honor all those lost socks, any order placed on on May 9th, will receive a little something special. We want to help fill those gaps from all the lost socks in your life. Make sure to order your socks on Tuesday, May 9th to get a special Socksmith surprise!

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