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Cat or Dog for President?

Cat or Dog for President?

What a year. Americans in 2020 have had to deal with devastating wildfires, divisive racial riots, and the worst pandemic in a century. Not only that, but there’s an upcoming election that seems to have everyone fighting like cats and dogs. 

Speaking of which, this election season is providing Americans with a pair of historic candidates. It’s Dog versus Cat, and the steaks, sorry stakes couldn’t be any higher. With all the problems currently facing America, the differences between feline and canine have never been more consequential.  

The United States Constitution clearly states that for a candidate to serve as president, the individual must be “loyal, obedient, and protective” of their fellow citizens. That is a perfect description of Dog. 

Fully trained, neatly groomed, and wholly ready to embark on his groundbreaking political journey, Dog is ready to give America the transfurmation the country so desperately needs at the moment. 

Confident in his ability to provide for his fellow Americans, Dog’s campaign slogan is “A bone in every doghouse.” 

When asked why Americans should choose him over Cat, Dog claims he is the top one when it comes to being prepared for the challenges ahead: 

“America needs someone who is focused. Someone who is serious. Someone who knows how to deal with the issues we’re facing. That someone is me. My opponent, in contrast, is merely kitten around with our future.” 

Cat has laid out high expectations for herself, as evidenced by her campaign slogan “Cat is the purr-fect choice.” 

Cat has reason to be confident, however, as she has developed a reputation for being inventive, inquisitive, and soft on her feet. 

When asked why she is a superior candidate to Dog, Cat points to her desire to learn and grow: 

“While I’m well aware of what curiosity has done to my feline friends, I believe in always learning more, in continually growing. Both as individuals and as a country. Whereas I want to move America forward, my opponent is content to press paws and keep us where we’re at.”

Regardless of who you plan to vote for, Socksmith has provided all Americans with the perfect opportunity to showcase their support for their candidate. Thanks to their official election promotional socks, you can do your own version of cool and comfortable campaigning in the weeks before the election. 

Happy voting! 



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