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Irish Every Day Was Saint Patrick's Day

Irish Every Day Was Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Every year on March 17, we dress in green and celebrate this cultural holiday. Even the non-Irish feel the holiday spirit on St. Paddy's Day, from young to old. Celebrations take place everywhere from elementary school classrooms to packed pubs in the city. But aside from green bagels, bagpipes on parade, and Saint Patrick’s Day socks, what is this day really about?

Also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, the day we celebrate on March 17 is the death date of the Christian patron saint of Ireland. It was originally, a public holiday in Ireland in celebration of Saint Patrick bringing Christianity to the country. Over time, it became common to celebrate St. Patrick's Day all over the world. In fact, it's celebrated in more countries than any other festival! If only we could get a picture of everyone around the world wearing our St. Patrick’s Day socks!

We’re not gonna lie … We wear our Saint Patrick’s Day socks all year ‘round!

Celebrate St. Paddy’s With Luck of the Irish Socks

In the United States, many St. Paddy’s Day celebrations have little to do with the religious history of the holiday. Instead, communities all over the country take the opportunity to indulge in a party! Many Irish-American cultural associations host events, organize parades, and offer educational opportunities to the community. Surrounding all this is usually a celebration involving food, beverages, and wearing green from head to toe! That’s where our Saint Patrick’s Day socks can come in handy!

Your St. Paddy’s Day Look Isn’t Complete Without St. Paddy’s Day Socks!

Channel the luck of the Irish on your socks and complete your outfit with an accessory that would make the saint himself proud! Even if you aren’t Irish by blood, you can be Irish by attire with these special occasion socks. Wear your St. Patrick’s Day socks proudly and be the hit of any festival you attend this year!